"Computer programmer Simon J. (Jeremy Sisto) wakes one morning to find a plain brown package in his apartment. He unwraps it, but nothing is inside. Despite attempts to secure his apartment, the mysterious packages keep appearing. While security cameras watch his every move, Simon is pushed even closer to the edge: He is plagued by hallucinations and a craving for milk. Frantically, he searches for answers about the mysterious forces taking over his life.
A Kafka-esque nightmare set in the not-too-distant future, One Point O is that rare film that manages to merge a highly stylized visual sense with an intellectually stimulating narrative."
  2. -- Trevor Groth, Senior Programmer at Sundance Film Festival,
"One of the Top 50 Dystopian Movies of All Time"  --  Snarkerati, 2008
"This is truly what midnight movie renting was created for" --  Neil Karassik, Hollywood Elsewhere, 2005
"A sci-fi thriller of uncommon creepiness"  --  Tim Merrill, Film Threat. 2004
"If Philip K. Dick was reading Kafka, got freaked out and wrote The Matrix, which was then directed by Stanley Kubrick, you might end up with something like this"  --  Jon Popick, Planet Sick-Boy. 2004
"This film will be a cult favourite"  --  eatmybrains.com. 2004
"Directors Renfroe and Thorsson handle [the genre] with a sure hand"  --  Jeremy Knox, Film Threat. 2004
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